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Affiliated Companies
1950 Tomoe Shokai Co., Ltd., is established. Begins sales of specialized gases.
1955 Leads the industry by supplying liquid oxygen to Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Plant
1958 Begins transactions with Hitachi Ltd., Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd., and Komatsu Electronic Metals Co., Ltd., supplying liquid nitrogen using the latest methods.
1959 Begins sales of propane gas.
Chofu (Sales Office), Yokohama (Sales Office), Hiratsuka (Sales Office)
1960 Establishes alliance with Tokyu Land Corp.; begins supplying propane gas to large-scale ready-built residential complexes, etc. Attracts industry attention for achieving liquid nitrogen handling volumes of 150,000 tons/month.
1961 Begins delivering a broad range of gases to the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Chiba (Sales Office), Tokai (Sales Office)
1962 Begins import and sales of helium gas from Airco, America's largest helium Supplier.
1964 Becomes first company to sell liquid helium in the Kanto region, accounting for 50% of domestic demand.
1965 Begins import of hydrocarbon gases. Receives supply of silane gas from Komatsu Electronic Metals Co., Ltd., for commercial sales.
1967 Succeeds in commercializing gases for sterilization in cooperation with Showa Tansan Co., Ltd. Establishes Johnan Kyodo Sanso K.K. with joint capital from Nippon Sanso Corp.
Osaka (Sales Office)
1968 Establishes research laboratory in Yokohama, and builds Propane gas filling station at the same time.
Yokohama (Business Office)
1969 Begins import and sales of Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) from Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in the UK.
Shizuoka (Branch Office), Akita (Branch Office)
1970 Establishes Japan Helium Center with joint capital from Nippon Sanso Corp. and America's Airco, and begins helium filling operations in Japan. Establishes Niigata Hydrogen Co.,Ltd. with joint capital from Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.,Ltd. and Showa Denko K.K. and Nagano Ekisan Kogyo K.K. with joint capital from Nippon Sanso Corp. and Okaya Sanso Co., Ltd.
Takasaki (Sales Office), Naoetsu (Sales Office), Himeji (Branch Office)
1971 Koriyama (Branch Office)
1972 Establishes Tomoe Unyu Co.,Ltd.
1973 Establishes sterilization plant in Omori, Ota-ku.
Ohmori (Business Office), Gakuen-toshi (Sales Office)
1974 Begins nationwide sales of chlorofluorocarbons as a primary distributor for Showa Denko K.K.
1975 Builds Gas Terminal
Nagoya (Contact Office)
1976 Introduces Japan's first helium trailer.
1977 Construction begins on a large-scale plant in Tsukuba's Gakuen Toshi (Academic City), and Tomoe Shokai begins supplying various types of gases.
1978 Supplies various types of high-pressure gases with start of full-scale testing of new reactors for nuclear power generation.
Supplies hydrogen gas required for engine combustion testing at National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA)
1979 Establishes Takarakosan Co.,Ltd.
Higashi-Matsuyama (Branch Office)
1980 Opens business office in Isehara City; begins production of dry ice.
Establishes Tomoe Puropan Co.,Ltd. to expand the company's Household Propane Division.
Isehara (Business Office)
1981 Begins propane and deodorant butane at Isehara Business Office. Establishes K.K. Jyoban Helium Supply Center.
Johtoh (Sales Office), Miyazaki (Branch Office), Nakamachi (Branch Office)
1982 Establishes Kofu Gas Center with joint capital from Showa Denko K.K., and begins production of nitrogen.
Kofu (Sales Office)
1983 Establishes Fukushima Hydrogen Inc, with joint capital from Nippon Sanso Corp. and Kureha Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Establishes Kotobuki Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Yamaguchi (Branch Office), Matsumoto (Branch Office)
1984 Yokosuka (Branch Office)
1985 Establishes Takasaki Gas Center with joint capital from Showa Denko K.K. and Taiyo Toyo Sanso Co., Ltd.
Chitose (Sales Office), Toyama (Sales Office), Nagasaki (Branch Office), Shirakawa (Contact Office)
1986 Establishes Johtoh Gas Co.,Ltd. Houes Laboratory to Yokohama.
Sendai (Contact Office)
1987 Mobara (Branch Office)
1988 Isobe (Sales Office), Miyagi (Branch Office), Utsunomiya (Contact Office)
1989 Builds new Japan Gas Haneda Plant.
Establishes Thai-Japan Gas Co., Ltd., in Thailand.
Kyoto (Branch Office), Kawasaki (Branch Office)
1990 Establishes Tsugaru Gas Center Co.,Ltd. with joint capital from Nippon Sanso Corp. and Showa Denko K.K.
Aomori (Sales Office), Ishikawa (Contact Office)
1991 Establishes a computer room in Haneda, and begins online system operations.
Okinodaira (Branch Office), Izumi (Branch Office), Tama (Sales Office), Hachioji (Branch Office)
1992 Iwaki (Branch Office)
1993 Establishes Ibaraki Gas Service K.K.
Rokkasho (Contact Office), Nara (Branch Office), Nirasaki (Representative Office), Shonan (Sales Office)
1994 Sakura (Branch Office), Aizu (Representative Office), Tonami (Sales Office)
1995 Establishes Mobara Gas Center Co.,Ltd. with joint capital from Taiyo Toyo Sanso Co.,Ltd., and Ohme Gas Center with joint capital from Showa Denko K.K., Osaka Sanso Kogyo Ltd. and Nippon Sanso Corp. Opens Dallas Representative Office in the U.S. Establishes Pilipnas Total Gas Inc. in the Philippines with joint capital from Ingasco, Inc.
Saijo (Branch Office)
1996 Establishes Vietnam Japan Gas Co., Ltd., in Vietnam with joint capital from Nissho Iwai Corp. Establishes Irving Gas Center Co., Ltd., in the US with joint capital from Nippon Sanso Corp.
Hitachinaka (Sales Office), Iwate (Representative Office), Tateyama (Representative Office)
1997 Establishes Clean Act Inc. Establishes Tampines Gas Centre Pte., Ltd. in Singapore with joint capital from NOX and Nippon Sanso Corp.
Totsuka (Branch Office), Nagano (Branch Office)
1998 Establishes Tomoe Transtech Specialty Gases Pte. Ltd. in Singapore with joint capital from Spectra Gases Inc. and Transtech Electronics Pte., Ltd.
Sasebo (Business Office)
1999 Head office and Gas Terminal acquire ISO14001 certification.
Hamamatsu (Representative Office), Nasu (Representative Office)
2000 Celebrates 50th anniversary.
Spins off Isehara Business Office; establishes Shonan LPG Center.
Iijima (Contact Office), Kumamoto (Branch Office)
2001 Ojiya (Contact Office) Arai (Sales Office)
2002 Sagamihara (Branch Office)
Acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification at Technical Department
Establishes Sterile Service (Singapore) Pte Ltd. In Singapore
Establishes Shanghai Tomoe Gases Co.,Ltd in China
2003 Acquired the ISO 14001certification at Hitachinaka and other 35 branch offices.
Inaugurated a FC project in May
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