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The Yokohama Laboratory:Providing Solutions to the many issues faced by customers
Amidst dramatic changes in the industrial world brought on by advanced technologies, Tomoe
Shokai has evolved from a company that simply sells gas to one that acts as a consultant for its customers. Always aiming to achieve the next higher level, the company has focused on expanding research activities since 1968, when the Tomoe’s Laboratory was established as one of the first such facilities in the industry. In 1986, the Laboratory was moved to its current location in Seya-ku, Yokohama, to accommodate expanding research operations. The highly skilled laboratory staff conducts quality management of gases used by customers (on-site inspections consultants, and in-house analyse’s on the customers’ behalf), and responds to gas-related issues presented by the customers (evaluation analyses, joint development). The Yokohama Laboratory is also responsible for research and development targeting waste gas treatment system.
The Yokohama Laboratory:Providing Solutions to the many issues faced by customers
On-site inspections
Ion Chromatograph

Microscope FT-IR

Tracer gas test

Industrial hygiene (IH) test

Ultra-trace metal analysis equipment
Analysis operations conducted at the customer’s location. Comprises three main types of operation: regular analyses based on customer requests; warranty checks after pipe installation; and confirmation analyses conducted when a failure or other problem occurs.  
In-house analysis  
  Tomoe Shokai conducts in-house gas analyses that form the basis for process response analysis, safety inspections, and other activities at the customer’s location.  
Evaluation analysis  
  We gather data to enable recommendations for the optimum products to meet customer needs, selected from among Tomoe Shokai’s extensive lineup of parts and devices designed to ensure safe and effective gas applications.  
Joint development  
  When customers undertake technological reforms, there will undoubtedly be a need for new safety measures and improvements to gas specifications. Tomoe Shokai provides support in areas such as gas characteristic surveys, gas system evaluations, and development of new products and systems.  
Equipment safety diagnostics  
  Tomoe Shokai conducts a wide range of diagnostic tests of the basic specifications and danger avoidance characteristics of equipment used in poison gas applications. Diagnostics include tracer gas tests, exhaust analysis, and industrial hygiene tests.  
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